Justice Served Like a $50 Steak

There aren’t many of us can afford a fifty-dollar steak. But then, faced with big-guy little-guy there aren’t many of us who can afford justice either.

That’s my point and it carries over to the Senate impeachment trial

We spend a lot of time on the unfairness of prosecution when it comes to tossing the poor and badly-represented in jail—and well we should.

But there’s a flip-side to that argument and it fits as perfectly as the heads and tails on a coin. The wealthy seldom go to the slammer and the super-wealthy hardly ever. A fifty-dollar steak to them is a Big Mac. A bit more time might be usefully spent on the unfairness of defense.

So now we’re watching an impeachment mis-trial

A mis-trial is defined as ‘an inconclusive trial, such as one in which the jury cannot agree on a verdict.’ Okay, I understand that. Better known as a ‘hung jury.’ But I have another definition: A mis-trial is an inconclusive trial, such as one in which the jury has already agreed on a verdict.

And we’re watching one unfold before our eyes in the United States Senate, to the horror of Democrats and the discomfort of Republicans.

I say discomfort instead of joy because there’s not a single Republican Senator who doubts the evidence. Which fits neatly a four-year discomfort with, but unwillingness to confront a disastrous Republican president. A loose-cannon and national (and international) embarrassment, his election emboldened a dark side of the Republican southern base no party-member apparently knew was there. Failing to rein-in their president when it was still possible ultimately held them hostage. Lindsey Graham was the first to pay ransom, but there were many others.

Now they dare not let-go

So we will play out this charade and call it a trial even though the verdict is foretold. Unless the vote in the Senate is by secret ballot—and that is the only hope for justice—ex-president Donald John Trump will be acquitted. A secret ballot would, of course, allow Republican Senators to vote their conscience without danger of reprisal. What are the odds of getting that? A hundred-to-one at the very best.

Have you seen the thirteen-minute video the prosecution offered? Can there possibly be any doubt in your mind that the ex-president is guilty of inspiring a deadly riot to overturn an honest national election in his favor?

Another $50 steak laid on the table  for those who can afford to eat and bought to them at the national expense of we who serve.

We asked only for honesty and the Senate is poised to deliver us a sham.

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