Zuckerberg Walks like a Dumb Kid and Quacks like a Dumb Kid

So I guess he must be a dumb kid. What else explains it?

The latest revelation

According to Buzzfeed, Facebook has been running ads for body armor, gun holsters, and other military equipment next to content promoting election misinformation and news about the attempted coup at the US Capitol, despite internal warnings from concerned employees. The ads brag about equipping you for when shit hits the fan.

I don’t know about you but this pretty well settles the Zuckerberg issue for me.

In these most perilous of times, when the very fabric of our nation is at its most threadbare, a 36-year-old punk kid with control of the voting shares of the most powerful media company in America has opted for money over morals.

How is incitement of insurrection different for Trump and Zuckerberg?

The President of the United States is being brought before the House on impeachment, charged with incitement of insurrection. Incitement is defined as the provocation of unlawful behavior. Insurrection is defined as a violent uprising against an authority or government.

If Trump is or might be guilty of that, surely idiot-child Mark Zuckerberg stands with him—doubled down.

Facebook has been warned and warned and warned

Zuck has been brought before the United States Congress and the European Union to answer why his company should not be made accountable for the content on his site. “Well you see, we are not truly a media company,” he says and “we believe in free speech.”

Well, Facebook certainly is a media company, as it aggregates content and publishes it. And free speech does not happen to include the right to argue in favor of overthrowing the United States of America as his ‘speech-protected’ content most certainly does. That’s sedition: an illegal action inciting resistance to lawful authority and tending to cause the disruption or overthrow of the government.

So we have a media company that encourages overthrow of the government, running ads for body armor, gun holsters, and other military equipment to implement that overthrow, specifically for the revenue it produces and linked to white-supremacy content.

And a 36-year-old, smirking enfant terrible stands before world political organizations and gets away with that shit. I can pair him with a 74-year-old enfant terrible with the same lack of moral compass and ability to get away with that shit.

Is that who you want to be, Zuck?


Responsibility and consequences for actions-taken are no longer required

The ultimate reward for sloppy-parenting has finally caught up with us: freaky children and conspiracy-theorists are now in charge. A child-billionaire, still dripping-wet behind the ears is now the single most grievous threat to our republican form of democracy.

And our aged and feckless representatives in our aged and feckless Congress are as unable to control this dangerous child as they were our childlike and dangerous president over his four-year term. There must be something about children that makes them immune to governments worldwide.

Who knew?

Who fucking knew?

And what now?

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