Why Such Angst Over the Obvious?

We know it’s not a good thing to be a liar, right? And treating people badly because they’re gay or lesbian, not our lily-white color or come from some place we’ve never been is not proper.

Yes, proper is the civilized word. It’s simply not proper to ramp up your supporters to throw your political opponent in jail or claim an election you lost was stolen from you. Oh, and lest I forget, calling those news outlets that don’t agree with you ‘fake news’ is a no-no as well.

It’s not an accident that all these faults belong to Trump

The seven-deadly-sins, ten commandments or belief in this religion over that are not Republican or Democrat issues. Fairness belongs to all of us equally, even though some of us have trouble living up to our part of the bargain.

But this president, this man in this four-year term in the White House has brought us to each other’s throats instead of being thrown out on his ass. Yes, he lost the election, but by an embarrassingly narrow margin and he will never admit it because he has never admitting losing. Not in his DNA. He’s proof that the truest form of slavery is losing control of your ego. Abraham Lincoln said “almost any man can handle adversity, but if you want to know the true character of a man, give him power.”

There must be an illness just below our social surface

Well, I fucking guess so and perhaps we should thank this thankless man for bringing it to our attention. These issues have always defined Donald—never wrong, screw those who believed in him, don’t pay your bills, litigate and settle, go bankrupt if that doesn’t work. And require constant attention and adulation. Don’t forget that. Four stars on your shoulder-board or CEO of a Fortune 500 company, it doesn’t mean a thing if you fail to suck-up. Death by Twitter. What a disgrace and what an accurate measure of the man.

But those were never things we admired in another human being, particularly a president. How could half the nation turn so bitterly against the other half unless we carried these faults hidden deep inside ourselves where no one could see them?

Would we lie for advantage, steal from our neighbor?

My god, when we look at Trump do we see ourselves? Are we individually that close to mob-rule, ransacking our cities and killing one another? Has the clock been ticking so slowly that we never noticed these times coming?

Or is it a dream from which—shaken awake—we will come together at least closely enough to look ourselves in the eye as a nation and say “this is not what we want and not how we choose to live.”

We can choose…for now

But that clock is ticking.





Image Credit: DAWN.com

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