Wall Street Dictates Joe Biden’s Vice President


Clearly it won’t be Elizabeth Warren. She’s too bright, too
much of a threat to the moneyed crowd and made the serious mistake of telling
us exactly what she stood for and intended to do.
Apparently, that’s a death-knell to
any serious politician. The traditional route to election is to smile a lot,
say nothing of consequence and promise ‘change.’
Change is a sure winner.

But on everything, from climate change to the decline of
American values and financial health, Warren had a plan for that and the
temerity to actually tell us what it was.
Wall Street (my loose definition for
everyone in the Fortune 500) already knew what her plans were—regulation
(and possibly jail) for them and a good shot at rebuilding the middle-class for
That’s how we actually got Joe. The
monied crowd was comfortable with him. No one was going to jail. Actually,
Washington is so hip-deep in payoff politics that the Jeff Bezos crowd doesn’t
care who wins in November.
But Trump’s an embarrassment and they’re as
pissed off as any of us when they check in on his latest tweet. Plus, he’s
giving America a shitty reputation overseas and that’s bad for business.
Yeah, Biden would stumble from time
to time over syntax, but that was kind of charming and Joe was a known quantity,
the man who hadn’t a plan for anything. His only identifiable
qualification was being Obama’s vice president.
So, what can we expect when the announcement comes our way?
It will be a she, because that’s
perfectly okay so long as it’s not Warren. And it will be a black she, because
that’s great for photo-ops and shows off Joe’s liberal creds—he’s have gladly
made himself black, if that were possible.
Senator Kamala Harris ticks
off all the boxes: “She is solid. She can be president someday herself. She
can be the vice president
,” Biden said in December. But it’s a long, long
way from December to June and the money-whisperers are afoot, so who knows?
Senator Amy Klobuchar is
mid-western and in order to win the presidency, Biden needs to win there. Klobuchar
could help him do that. Not a ‘woman of color’ as the euphemism goes,
but hey.
For my money, the rest of the crowd
don’t have either the name recognition or stats to make the cut. But then I’m not great at picking winners and would never have guessed it would be Joe making the decision…
…and actually, it’s not. Wall
Street will let us all know–after they make up their mind.


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