Big Money Gets What it Wants and Joe Biden is What it Wants


The wealthy were once satisfied with being rich. Now they
want it all. I never really understood African dictators who, when they came to
power through elections, chose to run off with all the money when they could
have been national heroes. And now we are Africa.
For forty years, American
presidents and American government have allowed themselves and itself to be
gradually—ever so gradually—bought and paid for.
Now the process is complete.

monied crowd engineered Joe Biden’s selection as the Democratic candidate and
now they’re telling him who to choose as running mate. CNBC has declared it so:
Big money donors are pressuring
Joe Biden against picking Elizabeth Warren for VP: ‘He would lose the election.’
Joe hasn’t the balls to go there
anyway, just as Barack Obama hadn’t the balls early on to support Bernie or
Liz. The man we so admired and trusted turns out, like all the rest, to know
upon which side his bread is buttered.

With a lock on both sides of the upcoming election, Wall
Street, or the one-percent or whatever you choose to call them can now sit back
and count their cash. There will be no Elizabeth Warren to upset the seating
arrangements, just as Bernie Sanders never even had the chance to be invited to
The final nail in the coffin of
democracy turned out to be a free and independent press. There wasn’t even a
quiet sucking-in-of-breath as the least inspiring of all candidates became the
man of the hour.
Didn’t matter a whit that Warren ‘had
a plan for that
’ and Joe couldn’t complete a simple sentence. Mattered not
that Bernie inspired young and progressive America, while Joe was daydreaming
through a past life as Obama’s vice president.
Joe Biden is the tried and true old fella with a smile that
warms the hearts of the Baby Boomers. In case you’re not familiar with the
term, the Boomers are the greedy post WWII crowd that took it all and
are damned if they’ll give anything back.
Fuck someone else’s children and
grandchildren, the environment was there to be plundered and so suck it up, they
are rich, their children are rich and their grandchildren will be rich. You
want a Green New Deal, affordable education, the chance to buy a home and raise
a family?
Not on my dime, asshole.
As an interesting side note, Thomas Jefferson felt strongly
about the importance of a free press to keep government in check. He concluded
that if he had to choose between “a government without newspapers or
newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the
On behalf of a once proud,
ambitious, generous and welcoming nation, I apologize, Tom, for so self-servingly
shitting the bed.


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