The United States Sinks to Its Knees Like a 3rd World Country


What a sobering and humiliating experience it is to witness
my once-proud nation’s decline.
I remember WWII, when we lost 70%
of our Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor. The response was Victory Gardens, War
Bonds, rationing and an industrial production that built tens of thousands of tanks,
guns and airplanes per month.
Today, in a medical emergency our
front-line doctors, nurses and hospital support-staff are risking their lives
because of a shortage of protective masks and clothing.
Not tanks, not guns, not warplanes—fucking
protective masks and clothing
We whine and cry and bitch and complain and get our knickers
in a twist as we watch the President of the United States whine and cry and bitch
and complain, frozen in the headlights of indecision, his pants around his
In my lifetime we have become a
nation of empty bluster. We cannot win a war, with the world’s largest military.
We cannot feed, clothe, house or heal our most at risk citizens, even though we
are the richest nation in the world.
We cannot even manufacture enough
protective masks for the fellow Americans risking their health and lives on our
I won’t say that it makes me ashamed to be an American,
but it certainly saddens me to see how impotent we have become as a
society. And don’t think for a moment it’s the fault of Donald Trump.
He is merely the result of our decline, not the cause.


3 thoughts on “The United States Sinks to Its Knees Like a 3rd World Country

  1. Pithy analysis. As you know, I feel the same way about the UK. Which does not make me an imperialist, just someone who wants to see all people benefiting from that country's undoubted creativity and skill. A pity that the current government has neither.

  2. Well Alex, it's more than a pity, it's going to change because it's unsustainable. There's going to be a huge amount of pain over the next several (or maybe ten) years because we simply ran too far and too hard with blinders on. We'll see how it goes. I've a hunch that anyone who predicts is an idiot.

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