The Irony of Great Britain’s D-Day Celebration

Truth be told, it’s actually three ironies.

The first is that Great Britain is doing flyovers and military
extravaganzas in celebration of their contribution to saving Europe from Nazi
invasion at the exact same time as they are leaving
the European Union.

That’s an irony worthy of the definition, by almost any

The second is Prime Minister Theresa May inviting the now universally
discredited American President to a full-honors ceremonial visit. An invitation
that coincides with this celebration even though he has publicly insulted
Theresa May, Sadiq Khan, the UK Parliament and (by inference) the Queen.

It adds salt to the wound that
Donald Trump is a draft-evader of the richest and most influential kind. Scant
honor to the war dead of his and many other allied countries. Were he alive, General
Sir Bernard Montgomery would hardly approve.

John Bercow, Speaker of the
House of Commons, has said (publicly in Commons) he will prevent Trump from addressing the House Members, as is his

So the first is an irony of history and the second one of
politics by a desperate British Prime Minister. The third is more opaque.

Public outcry was so intense
against an earlier Trump invitation that it threatened mass demonstrations and
the floating of a large and comedic balloon of the president, dressed as a
baby, diaper and all.

Other than the million anti-Trump
demonstrators expected in the streets, security for his visit is said to be eighteen
million pounds sterling.

Thus the third and last irony is an invitation that has
been made in spite of contempt on the part of British citizens, who will
ultimately be called upon to pay that cost, while the nation is on economic

The interesting thing to me is
that throughout the negative press and commentary in the United Kingdom, no one
has seen what I personally feel is a case of multiple ironies.

Perhaps irony in this confused world of ours is truly dead
and buried.

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