A Letter to Trump Supporters

I’m a
liberal. You are my people.
How can
that possibly be?
Well, you’re mostly
(but not all) Republicans and you’ve elected the most divisive president the
nation has ever known. I didn’t vote for him, but I understand why you did and
if he survives to be the nominee you will quite likely put him back in the
White House.
Can we
have a conversation about that? I hope so.

I’ve got
a few years on me and I’ve seen eighteen presidential elections pass by the
boards, eleven of them won by Republicans and seven by Democrats.
Beginning with Ronald
Reagan in 1981, they seem to me to have been pretty much co-conspirators,
Democrat or Republican, in the slow-drip destruction of the middle-class. And
that’s you. Actually, it’s me as well and perhaps that’s why I know where you’re coming from.
The nation’s in a hell
of a mess and each party would like to point their finger at the other, but you
and I know better. They’re equally to
blame and you saw that. All that
highfalutin promise of change and no
at the end of the deal.
alert) I was a Bernie supporter but I voted for Hillary while holding my nose,
because I couldn’t stand that lying son-of-a-bitch and when you voted him in I
knew exactly why. While all the
liberals cried in their well-upholstered sofas, I said to myself well, it finally happened—and way past time.
I’d seen it coming for forty years, as jobs dried up, families went to working
three jobs and whole sections of the country were flushed down the toilet.
First, Reagan broke the
unions and then he sold everything that wasn’t nailed down to private ‘investors.’ Those are steely-eyed folks
who ‘commit capital in order to gain financial return.’ Not a thing in that
definition about profit-sharing, job security, pension plans or
benefits—they’re in the game for profits
and the bigger they are, the better they like it.
Every time the economy
went to hell—as it must in an
asset-stripping game
—investors got bailed out and the rest of us lost the
once-firm hold we had on a better life.
back to me again, because you deserve a handle on the dude who’s writing this,
I was in business in those heady old days of the fifties through the seventies.
The tax-rate topped out at 92%, anyone could start up a small business and we
had plenty of millionaires. We didn’t even know how many zeroes it took to be a
billionaire, but the rich thought millions were enough and we fed off of them.
Banks lent money to
those who they thought could pay it back. They weren’t allowed (by law) to
invent various vehicles to package
crap-mortgages and pass them along for profit. You know what a vehicle is, it’s
the getaway-car a bank robber drives off
Then we kicked in to takeovers, where guys like Mitt Romney
(and a hell of a lot of Democrats as well) sucked up fragile companies, getting
rid of all that nonsense like research and development, pensions and
profit-sharing. Stripped of all that made them great places to work, they were
massively profitable. Bingo, they sold the profitable carcass and moved on.
I wrote a
book called Chop-Shop, the Deconstruction
of America
. You can probably find it on Amazon, the online bookstore that
destroyed American booksellers. Jeff Bezos went on the wreck what Wal-Mart
hadn’t yet consumed and came to be worth 140 billion dollars. Never mind. You
might have had a job at one of those companies, but there may be a job left at
a Wal-Mart or Amazon warehouse, if you can live on minimum wage.
So I know you Trump
supporters and I’m on your side. You took him on because both parties left you in the street and you wanted someone to hear
that, to shake up the fat-cats who supposedly represent you and have wouldn’t step down so far as to have dinner at your house.
Dinner be damned, they
don’t even know where you live.
Now comes
the part where you know I’m going to beg you to come over to the Democrats and
trust us again. Be careful about that, because we’ve not got a good reputation
in that area. Even so, Trump keeps on making noise, but hasn’t delivered all
that much.
I would like you to hear a more liberal side to the issues, because
you’ve made a racket in American politics and I cheer you for that. Frankly, both parties are scared shitless, but
they don’t know what to do because they so desperately want to hold on to their
precious little seats of power. Without those, they might actually have to go
out and get a real job somewhere and
they haven’t a clue outside DC.
There are
some new voices in Washington and they’re worth listening to and maybe even
This last mid-term
election we sent 100 women to Congress, as well as a lot of young men. Trust
me, because I’m old and know that the grip of old, white men in our Congress is
not going to get you where you way to go. One of those young women was 28
year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and she’s worth watching. Maybe you’ve heard
of her.
Ocasio-Cortez wasted no
time before she submitted a Green New Deal for comment. It almost got laughed
off the Hill before the nation began to look more closely and now it’s becoming
(almost) main-stream conversation.

up, the economy doesn’t work anymore and every year the country gets burned
down, flooded over or ripped up by tornadoes, hurricanes and mudslides.
Everyone’s carrying a gun. This Green New
needs a look. The last New Deal
saved the nation.

Ocasio-Cortez wants
solar, wind and thermal power. There’s fifteen million jobs in that, maybe more. Clean air and cheap electric. She
wants high-speed rail, so you can get from Chicago to New York in three hours, downtown to downtown and have dinner on the way. Another fifteen
million jobs, good jobs at union wages.
She wants the
infrastructure fixed. Chicago alone hasn’t looked below the streets since the
1800s and suffers 500 major water leaks every
day. 5,000 bridges are in danger of collapse because fixing bridges doesn’t get
politicians re-elected. Count the jobs, millions more.
China is doing it. China built the world’s
largest high-speed rail network in the world in three years. They will launch a
space-based solar network. It’s already underway. We’re still talking about it. Eisenhower built the
interstate network in ten years. We can do
this, if we get out of wars we can’t win and put some fire to the political
There’s a
move on by women and the young in politics, so sit back and listen. You are the people who began
that conversation. You scared the bejeezus out of both parties and now, slowly
but surely, the country is moving.
running out of time, folks. Don’t trust politics, trust the young. They’re our best hope for getting to where we need
to go.

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