Men Are Over: It’s Time to Send Them Off to the Kitchen or Out to Rake Leaves


Harvey Weinstein presided
over The End of Manhood and the world
is a better place for it, at least to read almost anything from the internet or
newspapers (if newspapers are still read at all in this Brave New World).
politics, the arts, business and even the most intimate of relationships, men
are falling like leaves in autumn. Now we are relegated to raking up the
leftovers of our errors and hauling them out to the curb to be picked up and hauled
financial misdeeds of off-shoring one’s personal or corporate tax
responsibilities are old news, yesterday’s stuff. Who cares what Trump did or
didn’t do in Davos? All eyes are now on Stormy
and every woebegone member of the British Presidents Club. News cycles may well be
faster-than-a-speeding-bullet, but #MeToo has legs. That hashtag is on every man’s
Out with them all. Men are over. It’s time for them to fix lunch for the kids and pick
them up at school, if they can be trusted with the keys to the car. They may possibly
be allowed to select a wine for dinner.
How may I humiliate thee? Let me count the ways:


decades now it’s been impossible to bring any private individuals of outstanding
background, talent or energy into American politics at either the congressional
or presidential levels. The common complaint is always the same: “I would never put myself or my family
through the humiliation of a long and ruthless primary campaign
serving one’s country has now become a humiliation.
The result of that distortion gave us seventeen ludicrous Republican candidates
in 2016, the least capable and most disingenuous of whom became our president. As ye sow, so shall ye reap
the Democratic side we had no meaningful primary. Democratic National Committee
gave us a flawed candidate because it was
Hillary’s turn
. Hillary’s turn,
as though the whole enterprise of selecting a presidential candidate was a metaphor
for schoolyard baseball times-at-bat.
an eyewink, simply being a man has
become a potential humiliation as well. Maybe we’ve earned it. Maybe not. Certainly
each day’s breaking news suggests we have. It hardly matters.
Roaring back from that defeat
of the first woman seriously qualified to run for the nation’s most powerful
office, Harvey Weinstein walked in with the keys to the future of women in modern
society. Too long detached from equal rights in a male-dominated culture, women
turned on their male counterparts with a fury born of centuries of second-class
citizenship and #MeToo swept America like a tsunami after an earthquake.
was a long time coming, no doubt far too
long a time.
Yet like a tsunami, it swept away all before it.
I don’t pretend to know what
will come from this, but we will almost certainly lose much of value along the
road to gaining equality of gender. Revolutions are made of such stuff. They
take decades and sometimes centuries to work things out and settle themselves.
a word of caution: #MeToo is the clarion call of freedom-fighters for women and
their demands for sexual, social and economic equity. The caution is to hope equity doesn’t over-spend its budget.
the late George Carlin so eloquently reminded us, “if fire-fighters fight fires and crime-fighters fight crime, what do
freedom-fighters fight

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