Darling, We Can’t Go On Like This

thought we could find some common ground, at least enough to get us through a
trial period. But those little annoyances we sucked up before the inauguration
are at the front of my mind when we finally limp off to bed and I
swore to myself I would never go to bed angry.
there we are, lying back to back and pretending we’re asleep but quietly fuming
over the nothings that just keep
coming like the drip-drip from a leaky pipe. Sleep-deprived, I stumble my rumpled
morning-self downstairs and even my bathrobe
itches. Coffee growing cold at my place, but you’re looking out the window as
if there was something interesting out there and your back is turned.
We haven’t seen the fronts of each other in
Have you noticed how when we walk into a room the dog gets up and moves elsewhere?

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