A Total Sell-out by Obama and the Democrats on their way to the Bank

The House ‘narrowly’ passed the $1.1 trillion dollar spending bill and sent it
to the Senate, where it is expected to pass into law. Sneaked into that
necessary legislation was and enormous give-back to the banks that assures
another public bail-out and a ten-fold increase in money legally available to
bribe the Congress. If news of the CIA revelations had broken a bit earlier,
they would have been let off the hook as well. Our President greased the skids
by flashing an early green-light prior to the vote. By ‘narrowly,’ I mean three votes out of 435. Three fucking votes and
those three included a cave-in by fifty-seven Democrats.

That both
parties have lost their way
is indisputable. That Barack Obama is complicit
is undeniable.

Republicans claim to be conservatives and yet they
conserve nothing; not the environment, not jobs, not fiscal responsibility, not
the shambles they conspired to make of democratic governance.
Democrats no longer represent working Americans,
having thrown them under the bus for two (and perhaps three) successive
decades. Wall Street is king and cares not a damn who we elect, as they merrily
bribe their way equally through both parties to achieve their goals. Now, with
Democrat support, they’ve handed whatever fiscal disaster looms back to the
American taxpayer to make the gamblers and fraudsters well again, just one more
And they did
it for money
This was once a nation of opposing (but
honestly held) principles. No longer. The run-up to the 2016 presidential
elections is a joke. Whichever side prevails, Wall Street and Corporate America
win, while American citizens choke back another kick in the mouth.
Elizabeth Warren is the sole voice of reason in a
political arena that no longer makes sense to conservatives, liberals and everybody
in the middle, but she refuses to run and god bless her for that. For one
thing, she has no foreign policy skills and for another—far more relevant—she knows
damned well that the presidency will take her out of the ‘money runs government’ dialog she holds so successfully with the
American people. She can only be heard as a Senator and I honor her for
preserving that voice in the face of increasing pressure to run. Big Money prays that she will run, so her voice
will be silenced.
Democrats deserve every single loss they
are sure to suffer as Republicans take over all three branches of government. It
won’t make a piss-pot’s worth of difference. We’re headed for another financial
meltdown that will make 2008 look like a walk in the park. Perhaps that’s our
only salvation—breadlines and soup-kitchens in the streets—and the fall will
hurt everyone, but perhaps a logical, fair and sustainable re-building of what
we once were will finally come out of the aftermath.
Watch now, as the CIA revelations slowly become
yesterday’s story and disappear from the news cycle. I am astonished that
Berkeley is burning over the choking death of Eric Garner and yet All’s Quiet on
the Western Front concerning the CIA and the massive give-back Wall Street
sneaked into the 2015 budget.
Apparently the Occupy Movement moved on.
But year by year, as we lose more and
more of the values that made us great as a nation, my astonishment increases.

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