Uncomfortable Reminder? Why Is the Washington Post Uncomfortable?

Special Contacts Aided Release

By Glenn Kessler
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, August 6, 2009

Former president Bill Clinton’s central role in the return of two journalists detained by North Korea has once again cast a spotlight on his vast web of financial and political contacts, a network that troubled senators who weighed whether to confirm his wife as secretary of state.

In the case of the detainees, Clinton tapped wealthy business people to execute a mission that, without a special federal waiver for the aircraft to travel to North Korea, would have been illegal. A few weeks ago, one of his business contacts had the ear of Hillary Rodham Clinton in her role as secretary of state, an uncomfortable reminder of the former president’s far-flung interests and associates.

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In the uncomfortable reminder department, the Washington Post might better reflect on its benign support of an eight-year lapse of national morals and constitutional disgrace. It might chew over in staff-meetings its continuing fixation on areas of national interest other than the fistfuls of corporate cash flowing directly into the Senate and House office buildings.
Out and out bribes of ‘elected’ officials to defeat gun control, health care, immigration and schooling. Billions tucked in this or that pocket to facilitate selling-off the public domain.

The Post looks elsewhere, as economic and finance systems run amok, privacy is lost and that portion of America outside the Beltway witnesses the decline of public trust in government and business.

Then, perhaps contemplating its own uncomfortable reminder of a blatant attempt to sell its media influence for profit, it casts a derogatory light on the Bill Clinton initiative. Bill’s got a lot of friends and influence in the world.

There are some who will never forgive him for it.

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