Define “Constituent”

Lawmakers Revise Rescue Plan
Stocks Rise; Senate Aims To Vote Tonight

By Shailagh Murray and Paul Kane
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, October 1, 2008; A01
Prodded by a wave of angry calls from constituents, congressional leaders dialed back partisan bickering over the $700 billion Wall Street rescue plan yesterday and advanced modest changes to the legislation in an effort to win over House Republican holdouts.
Leaders of the Senate, where most members have indicated support for the plan, said they would seek a vote on a revised rescue package tonight that would include a one-year increase in Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. caps for bank and credit union accounts, extensions of numerous business tax breaks that have expired and a fix to the alternative minimum tax for individual taxpayers.
Each and every tweak supports the objectives of those folks wandering around in the fields of high-cotton, where your daddy’s rich an’ your mammy’s good lookin’.
So, hush little coupon-clipper, don’t you cry. Ain’t no-one goin’ to jail, chile.
You constituents have been heard an’ it’s them other constituents (the ones with middle-class lives on the line) who will dry your tears.

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