Mccain’s Pot Calling Obama Kettle Black

McCain Says Obama Plays Politics on Iraq
Some Fellow Republicans Question Tactics

By Juliet Eilperin
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, July 28, 2008; A08

In his most direct challenge yet of his Democratic presidential rival’s Iraq policy, Sen. John McCain suggested yesterday that Sen. Barack Obama had crafted a war strategy designed to further his own political advancement.

McCain also intimated that Obama skipped a visit of wounded U.S. troops in Germany last week because it would not generate sufficient publicity for his campaign, a charge that the Republican made the centerpiece of a new television ad.

Obama’s call for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq, McCain said, “was political” and was made “in order to help him get the nomination of his party.”

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What is that, old-age grouchiness, John?

You have made the entire thrust of your candidacy a matter of rubber-stamping the continuance of Bush’s Iraq strategy. Now your opponent is ‘political’ and his Iraq trip is ‘in order to get him the nomination of his party.’

John, I hate to interrupt the impact of your grocery-store theme at the moment, but Obama already has (as much as you have) the presumed nomination of his party.

As to visiting troops in hospital, the decision not to go was based entirely on it not being seen as a transparent vote-getter. If he’d gone, you’d be in a lather. Since he didn’t, you run attack ads saying he doesn’t care about the troops.

I would submit that bringing troops home will save more lives than keeping them there.

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