More Good News from Nebraska Beef–a Company That Sues Its Victims

Nebraska Beef Recall Expanded

Associated Press
Friday, July 4, 2008; D02
Nebraska Beef is expanding a recall announced earlier this week to include all 5.3 million pounds of meat it produced for ground beef between May 16 and June 26.
Federal investigators have linked Nebraska Beef’s products to an outbreak of E. coli illnesses affecting 41 people in Michigan and Ohio. The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service said yesterday that Nebraska Beef’s practices were insufficient to effectively control E. coli bacteria.

Nebraska Beef Sues Minnesota Church

In one of the boldest, yet boneheaded, moves I have ever seen in 15 years of litigating E. coli O157:H7 cases, after we sued it, Nebraska Beef filed a third party complaint against the Salem Lutheran Church of Longville, Minnesota claiming, among other things:

That, upon information and belief, an environmental assessment of the church kitchen and food preparation procedures by the Minnesota Department of Health indicated that there was a high potential of cross-contamination between the ground beef [filled with pathogenic cow shit] and other foods during food preparation.

That, upon information and belief, the damages sustained by the Plaintiff[s], if any, [one died of E. coli-related complications, and one suffered acute kidney failure] are the direct and proximate result of the negligence and/or other fault for tortuous conduct of Third-Party Defendant Salem Lutheran Church.

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And yet the beat goes on in recall after recall–poor, non-existent or paid-off inspectors covering up industrial meat production. Cows too sick to get to their feet for slaughter, shocked to their feet by electric cattle-prods or, when even that won’t get them up, boosted into the killer-chutes by fork-lift.

“Defending the powerless against the powerful is a basic task of government, an article of faith in the America that I grew up in. Walking into the supermarket, you are powerless to investigate the meatpacker who packaged these Glo-Brite wieners so the government does it for you. The government is there to do battle with those who would sell you cars that are firebombs to TV sets that cause cancer in small children or vitamins that make hair sprout on your hands or hamburgers made from deceased springer spaniels.”
— Garrison Keillor

But it doesn’t seem to be happening

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