Borrowing from Billy Jack

There is no intrinsic value or patriotism in political dissent. Whether or not “dissent” is viewed as patriotic depends on the ideology and political agenda of the ones doing it.

I have an idea.

Instead of placing a value on stone walling for political advantage and then patting ourselves on the back for how patriotic we are, let’s try uniting together in our political differences to do what is best for the country! Let’s do this because it’s what we’re supposed to do regardless of the political costs involved. If you do that, then you will really be a patriot.

Until then, you are just a sniveling coward, belly-acher who puts politics above principle. There was not a single founding father (least of all Thomas Jefferson) who could even stay in the same room with you without throwing up all over the Constitution they were writing.


–link to Billy Jack’s blog–

_______________________________________________________________Words to contemplate, when we’re all raging about Bush, Pelosi, or the nearest and handiest irritant to our personal beliefs.

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