Demanding Paper Ballots–a Right upon Which Democracy Depends

Electronic Voting Is Questioned

The Associated Press
Monday, December 31, 2007; 4:18 PM

DENVER — With the presidential race in full swing, Colorado and other states have found critical flaws in the accuracy and security of their electronic voting machines, forcing officials to scramble to return to the paper ballots they abandoned after the Florida debacle of 2000.

In December alone, top election officials in Ohio and Colorado declared that widely used voting equipment is unfit for elections.

“Every system that is out there, one state or another has found that they are no good,” said John Gideon of the advocacy group Voters Unite. “Everybody is starting to look at this now and starting to realize that there is something wrong.”

The swing states of California, Ohio and Florida have found that security on touch-screen voting machines is inadequate. Testers have been able to disable the systems and even change vote totals.

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Well, electronic voting is hardly ‘questioned,’ it’s universally disproved as a dependable system for counting votes.

I would presume that lawsuits both nationally and state-by-state are the way to get this egregious attack on the integrity of the voting system out of the polling place.

There is absolutely no definitive demonstrated need for computer-based voting systems in the United States. They are not dependable, not trusted, not immune to abuse and undermine the confidence of voters that they have actually been counted in the process.

Why is there even a debate?

Get rid of the damned things.

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