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Tancredo to Abandon Presidential Bid

DENVER (AP) — Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo, whose forceful opposition to illegal immigration vaulted him to national prominence, plans to announce he is abandoning his long-shot bid for the presidency, a person close to Tancredo said Wednesday.

. . . Tancredo has consistently polled at the back of the nine-person GOP field. He has based his campaign on opposition to illegal immigration, a top issue in many areas of the country. He has run television ads that link lax border security to terrorist attacks, rape and other crimes.

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If, like most of the country, this headline made you ask “Tancredo? Who the hell is that?” it only numbers you among the less immigrant-hating of Americans. In a weird political season, Tom headed the list of weirdos.

Tom, who blames rape, incest, terrorism, traffic gridlock, the Knick’s horrible season and global warming on immigration, sports a foreign name himself. Both sets of his grandparents immigrated from Italy, which is–at the very least–a lucky thing for Italy.

Like the proud new resident of a gated community, Tancredo is a believer in “now that I’m here, we don’t need any other poor Italians, Mexicans, Puerto-Ricans,” you name the import you are most fervently against.

Hate-mongering usually sells pretty well in primary season, but Tom apparently sees the writing on the wall and recognizes it as something other than immigrant graffiti (another thing we wouldn’t have to put up with if we only built more walls).

The man is an idiot, about to run for the Senate from Colorado–where they will probably elect him just to get him out of Denver.

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