Mutt & Jeff Try the Village Idiots–as Terrorists

December 14, 2007

U.S. Falters in Terror Case Against 7 in Miami



MIAMI — One of seven indigent men charged with plotting to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago as part of an Islamic jihad was acquitted on Thursday, and a mistrial was declared in the prosecution of the six others after the jury said it was hopelessly deadlocked.
The outcome was a significant defeat for the Bush administration, which had described the case as a major crackdown on homegrown terrorists.
. . . were charged with planning to join forces with Al Qaeda to blow up the Chicago skyscraper and several federal buildings in an effort at a government overthrow.
Mutt (the FBI) and Jeff (the US Attorney’s office) baited these misguided souls into a meeting where they were hoping to scam a few bucks. Instead of being embarrassed by the con, the Feds are actually going to re-try them.
Guys who didn’t even know what the Hancock Center looked like, had no weapons, no explosives, no knowledge, no money–no nothing, were going to ‘drop it into Lake Michigan, creating a giant and deadly wave.’
This is what the resigned Alberto Gonzales and the bamboozled Mike Chertoff are doing these days to keep us ‘safe from terrorists.’

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