The End Result When You Put a Nation Out of Work

Iraqis Joining Insurgency Less for Cause Than Cash


Washington Post Foreign Service
Tuesday, November 20, 2007; Page A01

MOSUL, Iraq — Abu Nawall, a captured al-Qaeda in Iraq leader, said he didn’t join the Sunni insurgent group here to kill Americans or to form a Muslim caliphate. He signed up for the cash.

“I was out of work and needed the money,” said Abu Nawall, the nom de guerre of an unemployed metal worker who was paid as much as $1,300 a month as an insurgent. He spoke in a phone interview from an Iraqi military base where he is being detained. “How else could I support my family?”

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Thank L. Paul Bremer for the brilliant idea to disband an army. Thank Bremer again for the lack of police that destroyed any chance Iraq had at returning to normalcy.

They should rename Iraq the Bush Chicken Coop, so many are coming home to roost. Not a single decision was made intelligently.

Now we are reduced to celebrating a slowing of the blood-flow as turning a corner. Recently we have cheered the news that fewer Iraqi civilians are being murdered each month. Soon we will lionize those who are the least corrupt among the privatized services who accompany our troops like the camp-followers of ancient Rome.

With nearly $1 trillion wasted so far, you’d think we might just be able to out-bid the insurgencies for support. But of course that wouldn’t follow the ethics of this ethical disaster.

Helluva job, Bremer, here’s a Medal of Freedom.

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