Stupifyingly Uninformed–the New York Times Strikes Again Editorially

November 19, 2007

Remember the War on Drugs?

It is good to see Mexico and the United States working together to battle the drug cartels that deliver hundreds of tons of illegal drugs to American consumers every year, killing more than 2,000 Mexicans annually along the way. Still, the Bush administration’s proposed $1.4 billion counter-narcotics aid package falls far short of what is needed to confront the problem.

If Washington is serious about stopping the northward flow of cocaine, heroin and other drugs, it must begin an aggressive campaign to stop the southward flow of money and high-powered weapons that finance and arm the cartels. And there must be a far more serious effort to curb Americans’ use of illicit drugs.

–read entire hogwash–


This self-satisfied tripe must have been written between ‘cocaine runs’ to the NYT toilets. Thirty years of senseless killings haven’t taught the boys on the editorial staff a thing, except to whine that “a far more serious effort to curb Americans’ use of illicit drugs” is on Pinch’s wish-list. Did your momma make you do it, Pinch?

In what world do you people live? What planet do you inhabit? AMERICAN DRUG POLICY DOES NOT WORK. “Mexico’s resolve to take on drug trafficking” will merely turn it into another Colombia, this time on our increasingly militarized border.

There isn’t a country in Europe that disallows personal drug use. Amsterdam, if you have been there instead of hearing rumors, is far, far less drug infected than any American city of comparable size.

Presumed opinion leaders like the NYT make themselves responsible for the ruined lives of countless citizens by perpetrating the absolutely unfounded opinion that ‘more intervention’ will provide a positive result.

People like drugs. They have for as long as there have been people and some root, seed or leaf was available to eat, smoke or shove up their ass. People like alcohol as well, possibly even Pinch. Al Capone proved himself unstoppable and America came (reasonably) to its senses and ended prohibition.

Perhaps, if the paper survives, the NYTimes will eventually come to its senses as well.

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