Just When We We’re All Set to Bomb Iran, Musharraf Gets Testy in Pakistan

Musharraf Declares Emergency Rule in Pakistan
Provisional Constitution Instituted, Leader Expected to Address Nation Saturday

By Griff Witte and Imtiaz Ali
Washington Post Foreign Service
Saturday, November 3, 2007; 11:41 AM
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, Nov. 3 — Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf declared emergency rule Saturday, suspending the constitution amid a heavy security presence, including armored personnel carriers, in parts of the capital.
“The chief of army staff has proclaimed a state of emergency and issued a provisional constitutional order,” a newscaster on state television said in announcing the decrees, which referred to Musharraf as head of the army and did not mention his dual role as president.
. . . Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry and the other judges remained in the courthouse Saturday evening as police blocked the road to the building. Chaudhry had been removed from the court by Muharraf earlier this year, but the court reinstated him in August.
“This is a very fateful day for the country. Pakistan is in deep, deep crisis,” said Aitzaz Ahsan, Chaudhry’s attorney. “It is one man against the nation.” Ahsan said that he expected to be arrested later Saturday night.
Damn! I hate when that happens.
Here we are, getting ready to bomb a country where the people love Americans, because they might get a bomb in five or ten years . . .
. . . and our ally, General Musharraf loses control of his country, where the people hate Americans and they already have the bomb.
It’s just so embarrassing to keep on backing wrong horses in the world-dominance business.
That won’t stop Bush for even a moment. He’ll merely craft it as a reason Iran is twice as dangerous and why it’s imperative that Mike Mukasey be confirmed without delay, before the next terrorist attack on the homeland.
I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of living in a homeland . . . I want America back.

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