1/400th of the Way to Accounting for the Accounting

September 21, 2007

$6 Billion in Contracts Reviewed, Pentagon Says

WASHINGTON, Sept. 20 — Military officials said Thursday that contracts worth $6 billion to provide essential supplies to American troops in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan — including food, water and shelter — were under review by criminal investigators, double the amount the Pentagon had previously disclosed.

In addition, $88 billion in contracts and programs, including those for body armor for American soldiers and matériel for Iraqi and Afghan security forces, are being audited for financial irregularities, the officials said.

Taken together, the figures, provided by the Pentagon in a hearing before the House Armed Services Committee, represent the fullest public accounting of the magnitude of a widening government investigation into bid-rigging, bribery and kickbacks by members of the military and civilians linked to the Pentagon’s purchasing system.



Bid-rigging, bribery and kickbacks. $6 billion being looked at. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful.

Now, there’s just the matter of the $2,400 billion (that’s 2 1/2 trillion) Donald Rumsfeld pointed to the day before 9-11.

C’mon, guys! Don’t quit yet! You’re on track to uncover 1/400th of the prior bad-nasties. Then there’s the matter of what the Pentagon can’t account for that’s been spent since Rummy made his disclosure.

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