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The New Phrase Of the Iraq War: Bush’s ‘Return On Success’

Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, September 15, 2007; Page C01

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a new benchmark now, and it’s called “return on success.”

Even before President Bush took to the airwaves Thursday evening, one of those mysterious unnamed “senior administration officials” explained the principle in a news briefing: “The more we succeed, the more troops we can bring home from Iraq. The president calls this policy ‘return on success,’ and that will be a major emphasis of the speech.”

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One of the most clever things Tony Snow did as White House spokesman, was to defuse and virtually prohibit the Nazi propaganda metaphor in the telling and retelling of the ‘big lie.’

But it won’t sell, Tony, if Bush just keeps working it.

RETURN ON SUCCESS is so Goebbels-like as to be unavoidable. There has been no success in Iraq by any conceivable measure. To equate bringing troops home with ‘further’ returns on success is a cruel joke to both the devastated Iraqis and the killed and maimed Americans of this debacle.

Okay now–back to the mall and Sunday football–

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