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September 10, 2007

Officials Warn of Continuing Terrorist Threat

WASHINGTON, Sept. 10 — The nation’s top counterterrorism officials are warning today that the United States will face a persistent threat from Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups for years to come, but they plan to offer no specific evidence of any imminent plots against targets on American soil.

Speaking on the eve of the sixth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, four senior intelligence and law enforcement officials are appearing this morning before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. In their prepared testimony, they say that American agencies have better terrorist-threat information now than they did six years ago, are sharing it better among themselves, and are taking improved steps to protect the nation’s homeland security.



Aha. Well, no specific evidence is exactly where we were before a bunch of guys who didn’t even know how to land and take off flew into Manhattan’s tallest buildings.

So, we have that as evidence of progress. On the ‘homeland’ side of the equation, after taking away a huge number of American privacies and personal securities, these agencies are now ‘working and playing well with others,’ the same grade I got in kindergarten.

“But they also note that the government’s ability to detect, disrupt and prevent the threat of terrorist attacks against American interests at home and abroad still has a long way to go.”

Well, let me know what more I can give. Spy on my next door neighbor? You got it. Turn in the guy at the office who never cared to join the bowling team? You bet. Point out the obvious tax-evader at the golf club–that guy who swings a new and different Callaway driver each week? Done.

Anything–anything to stay safe from those evil-doers and get on with trying to get my kid in Princeton.

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