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Rumsfeld Joins Stanford as Visiting Prof

Saturday, September 08, 2007 –


Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has joined the Hoover Institution at Stanford University as a visiting fellow and will serve on a task force focused on issues pertaining to ideology and terror, the California think tank said on Friday. Rumsfeld was one of the top Bush administration officials involved in responding to the Sept. 11 attacks and subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. -Reuters

. . . Rumsfeld’s experience will assist the Hoover Institution’s research into terrorism, said institute director John Raisian. “I have asked Don to join the distinguished group of scholars that will pursue new insights on the direction of thinking that the United States might consider going forward.”. .


Hard to imagine anything more anathema to Condi Rice than Donald Rumsfeld bungling his way up and down the halls of Stanford, knocking on wrong doors and tripping on the carpet, pontificating on “new insights on the direction of thinking that the United States might consider going forward.”

Condi, lest we forget, stepped down from the powerful post of Provost at Stanford to join the Bush nightmare, a great deal of which was directly caused by Rummy. They were the only two cabinet members who patently could not stand one another (if you discount her predecessor, Colin Powell).

While most of the world is still trying to unravel Rumsfeld’s ‘old insights that very nearly sank the greatest military power in the world,’ Hoover and Stanford seem to think he has recently been delivered of new and improved insights.

And thus the world of power continues to scratch its own back and ameliorate its own history.


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