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Federal Plan to Re-Route Flights Faces Opposition

Published: September 6, 2007

A federal plan to reduce delays at New York-area airports by re-routing many flights is running into opposition from local officials worried about noisy jets flying over areas unaccustomed to such traffic.

The plan by the Federal Aviation Administration, in the works for nearly a decade, would simplify the paths taken by aircraft landing at airports in the New York and Philadelphia areas and provide more routes for takeoffs.

The agency expects the plan to result in delays that are 20 percent lower in 2011 than they would be if there were no change in how the air space was being used.



Any independent land planner would tell you that no matter how your route it, air travel is in no way able to provide adequate future transportation.

High-speed rail is unavoidable–not only unavoidable, but intelligent, convenient, pleasant, time saving and eminently agreeable.

If someone had the smarts to remake the airline industry into a transportation industry, we might all benefit from multiple transport methods.

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