Conduct Unfavorably Reflecting

Craig’s About-Face Worries GOP Colleagues

Lawmaker Changes His Mind, Plans to Stay in Senate if Guilty Plea in Airport Arrest Is Dropped Staff Writer and Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, September 6, 2007; Page A03

Sen. Larry E. Craig yesterday launched a campaign to save his political career, dismaying fellow Republicans with his determination to stay in the Senate if he successfully overturns his guilty plea, made after he was arrested in a sex sting in an airport men’s room.

. . . In a letter released by the Senate GOP leadership, the committee said it will go forward with its inquiry as long as Craig continues to serve. The letter, co-signed by Sens. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and John Cornyn (R-Tex.), who head the evenly divided bipartisan panel, quoted the chamber’s ethics manual as saying that senators can be reprimanded for “any misconduct, including conduct or activity which does not directly relate to official duties, when such conduct unfavorably reflects on the institution as a whole. . . “

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Ah, the Perils of Paul, aka Pauline.

Democrats took over in January with a 43% approval rating and have since lost a third of it. Barbara and John might sneak a peek under the Senate rug to see why that is.

Certainly it is not due to Larry Craig’s problems in a men’s room. But how typical of Senators to point a finger instead of actually looking within themselves for solutions.

What was that about glass houses and throwing rocks?

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