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Bishop Weeks Indicted On Assault Charges

DA: Weeks Made Terroristic Threats To His Wife

POSTED: 3:33 pm EDT August 31, 2007
UPDATED: 3:41 pm EDT August 31, 2007

Bishop Thomas Weeks was indicted Friday on charges of aggravated assault, terroristic threats and battery in connection with an attack on his wife, well-known evangelist

Juanita Bynum reported that her husband had choked her, pushed her down, kicked and stomped her in the Renaissance Concourse Hotel parking lot on Aug. 21.Prosecutors said a hotel employee witnessed the attack after hearing Bynum screaming outside the building.

The employee grabbed Weeks and forced him to stop the attack on his wife, prosecutors said.
Ah, those evangelicals. When they’re not busy gay-bashing, they bash one another.

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