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In E-Mails, Political Pressure on Ex-Surgeon General

Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, August 31, 2007; Page A04

White House officials viewed former surgeon general Richard H. Carmona as a public relations tool, pushing him to make political appearances and promote the Bush administration’s agenda while he was in office, according to a series of executive branch e-mails released yesterday by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.).

The e-mails show that, early in his tenure, political appointees considered him uncooperative. In an April 14, 2003, message, for instance, William Turenne, a former Eli Lilly executive who was serving as a high-level consultant at HHS, told then-White House liaison Regina Schofield that she had “a mess” on her hands in Carmona.

“He needs to be the SG [Surgeon General] with specific speeches, on specific topics addressing the Secretary’s and the president’s agenda — which will become more political as the re-elect gets underway,” Turenne wrote.


There is continuing and inexplicable politicization of every single detail within this administration and it is not George Bush or even Dick Cheney oriented–every aspect has Karl Rove’s personal signature in the method.

Some of that is illegal, as in the workings of the office of the Attorney General. Most of it is simply an immoral subversion of the presidency.

All of it is disgusting.

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