You Can’t Judge the Bottle by its Label

The Pro-War Lobby’s Latest Addition is Freedom’s Watch
by John Stauber

The business of pro-war propaganda is booming as “Freedom’s Watch” joins Vets for Freedom, Move America Forward and other pro-war advocates for a stepped up war in Iraq in line with the Bush/Cheney Global War on Terror.
Ari Fleischer, former White House PR flack who jumped ship into the private sector shortly after the 2003 US invasion, is the public face and a founding board member of Freedom’s Watch, which is being rolled out this week with emotional advertisements featuring wounded veterans imploring Americans to keep the money flowing for the occupation.
One such advertisement is up on YouTube. Once again the war in Iraq is being falsely linked to and justified by the terror attacks of 9/11, one of the Bush Administration’s Big Lies that was was used to mislead America into war. In the Freedom’s Watch advertisment on YouTube a war vet with prosthetic legs beseeches:
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Nothing new here. The label may say ‘vintage’ but the content is the same bitter stuff of this administration’s vineyard.

All the biggest and dirtiest industries are taking out full-page spreads these days touting their ‘green’ habits–even while British Petroleum gets caught trying to double the toxic crap it spills into Lake Michigan.

Why not Ari? If there’s a buck to be made on behalf of the military-industrial boys, Cheney’s office will hop to it and Ari is Cheney’s guy.

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