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Paper by Cho Exhibits Disturbing Parallels to Shootings, Sources Say

Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, August 29, 2007; Page A01

Seung Hui Cho wrote a paper for a Virginia Tech English class about a gunman planning a mass school shooting, one year before he killed 32 students and faculty members and himself in the deadliest shooting by an individual in U.S. history, according to sources familiar with the paper.
The paper, which was written for a class in fiction writing and has not surfaced publicly, has “eerie” parallels to Cho’s shooting inside Norris Hall on April 16, according to several sources. One source called it “kind of a blueprint” for the shootings, but others cautioned that that was an overstatement.


The Washington Post proudly displays: Full Coverage: Victim Profiles, Narrative of Events, Multimedia, More…as if it was a seasonal special at the vegetable counter for this weekend only.
The Cho shootings happened four and a half months ago, but they apparently still sell papers, no matter how the constant reminders hurt the victims and their families.
Yet the Post would be offended if it were called a Yellow Journal or Tabloid–which is exactly what they become when they foster this kind of sensationalist ‘keep flogging it’ expose.

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