A Message of Hopeless Incompetence

August 29, 2007

Bush Sees Hope 2 Years After Katrina

WASHINGTON, Aug. 29 — President Bush toured New Orleans today, delivering a message of hope to a city devastated by wind and flood two years ago and still divided over the speed and effectiveness of federal help.
Mr. Bush led a moment of silence at a school, asking for “the Almighty’s blessings on those who suffered,” then envisioned “a more blessed day” just ahead. “And there’s no better place to do so than in a place of hope, and that’s a school,” he said.
“Hurricane Katrina broke through the levees,” the president said. “It broke a lot of hearts. It destroyed buildings. But it didn’t affect the spirit of a lot of citizens in this community.”


Someone just keep this man out of sight until his presidency is over. The Bush blundering and venal incompetence since Katrina is a continuing embarrassment for the country.
To lay platitude upon bromide upon banality before these still-wounded citizens is an outrageous assault by a president who politicized rather than helped his ravaged fellow-Americans.
It will truly be a ‘more blessed day’ for New Orleanians come January 19th of 2008.

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