And the Times Calls this ‘Analysis’

August 28, 2007
News Analysis

Departures Offer Chance for a Fresh Start as Term Ebbs

WASHINGTON, Aug. 27 — The back-to-back resignations of Karl Rove and Alberto R. Gonzales, two longtime aides to President Bush who have become lightning rods on Capitol Hill, amount to a political housecleaning for the White House, providing Mr. Bush a fresh chance to make what he can of his remaining months in office.

Mr. Bush is just beginning to get adjusted to his new life as a minority president facing insistent pressure from Democrats who are armed with the ability to issue subpoenas, open investigations and block much of his agenda. Like Ronald Reagan after the Iran-contra scandal, Mr. Bush wants to prevent his final year in office from being dominated by Congressional inquiries.


Sheryl, where on earth do you get the information that would put you on such a false track?

Bush doesn’t compare in any slight way to Reagan, nor does his position 434 days from the election. Reagan was widely admired, had the confidence of a solid majority of Americans and a pretty fair congressional track record.

Bush has no chance of preventing a steady stream of congressional inquiries–it’s the only program Nancy Pelosi has between now and the election. Neither Rove nor Gonzales are further from indictment now that they are gone from the White House, in fact they may be more vulnerable.

From beginning to end, your premise is dead wrong. This is not now and never has been a ‘fresh start’ president. Cheney, who is likely behind both removals, will merely have a sterner hand. He would have David Addington replace Gonzales if he thought he could get away with it.

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