Political Correctness On the Way to the Grave

Merv Griffin | An Appreciation

The Host Who Was Everyone’s Guest

Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, August 13, 2007; Page A01

Merv Griffin had friends in the right places, and for the 20 years that “The Merv Griffin Show” aired on television, in one form or another, those places included millions of American homes.


Not to denigrate ol’ Merv, who was a favorite of millions for decades, but an interesting thing has happened on the way to death. It’s been renamed in the press. There is still (for the time being) an obituary section in the side-bar, but we no longer have such a thing as an actual obituary.

We have (or do) an ‘appreciation.’

It seems weird to me to ‘appreciate’ the fact that Merv died, but then we are strangely attracted to various forms of political correctness these days. Those offended by death have had their way– and when they kick off, we will appreciate them.

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