Memo for Mike Bloomberg on Traffic Control

Beijing To Test Plan to Cut Cars

Measure Intended For ’08 Olympics

Washington Post Foreign Service
Saturday, August 11, 2007; Page A12

BEIJING, Aug. 10 — Despite official hesitation, more than a million cars will be barred from Beijing‘s streets next week in a test of radical anti-pollution measures for next summer’s Olympic Games, the city announced Friday . . .

. . . Du Shaozhong, deputy director of Beijing’s Environmental Protection Bureau, told reporters that only cars with license plates ending in odd numbers will be allowed on the streets Aug. 17, only those with even numbers will be allowed Aug. 18, and so on . . .
Note to Mike Bloomberg: Possibly a better idea than a ‘tax’ for driving in Manhattan. Cities have all kinds of alternate programs for parking, but why not alternate driving? Think of the innovation (seasoned by short-term frustration) in finding car-pools or other creative ways to get to work?

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