Not MORE Calls, But the Same Old PNAC Calls

In the Debate Over Iran, More Calls for a Tougher U.S. Stance

Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, August 9, 2007; Page A12

Fourteen months after Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice offered to talk to Iran, the failure of carrot-and-stick diplomacy to block Tehran‘s nuclear and regional ambitions is producing a new drumbeat for bolder action, including the possible use of force.

The emerging debate — evident in an array of new reports, conferences and commentaries — is still in the early stages, but some of the language urging the Bush administration to be more aggressive during its final 17 months is reminiscent of arguments from think tanks and commentators that shaped the case for invading Iraq.

“A lot of people were willing to give diplomacy a chance, but at some point there have to be results,” said Weekly Standard editor William Kristol, an advocate of the Iraq war. “It’s been a year since Rice agreed to talk to the Iranians if they accepted U.N. terms, and it’s only bought them more time for their nuclear program.”
A lot of people like whom? Bill Kristol? He and his bunch have been wrong at every turn for the past six years and their policies have bankrupted the country, sent the dollar to all time lows, killed nearly 4,000 young American kids, wrecked America’s image internationally, made us more vulnerable to terrorists and virtually destroyed our military.

What a personal record. What a flag to march behind. What a miserable failure.

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