What is it with these Secretaries of the Army?


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WASHINGTON (AP) — The Army on Tuesday censured a retired three-star general for a ”perfect storm of mistakes, misjudgments and a failure of leadership” after the 2004 friendly-fire death in Afghanistan of Army Ranger Pat Tillman.

Army Secretary Pete Geren asked an Army review panel to decide whether Lt. Gen. Philip Kensinger should also have his rank reduced.

Geren told a Pentagon news conference that, while Kensinger was ”guilty of deception” in misleading investigators, there was no intentional Pentagon cover-up of circumstances surrounding the former pro football player’s death — at first categorized by the military as being from enemy fire.


Secretaries of the Army are usually guys who can ride out a president’s term, but not this president. There have only been 25 of them since Truman and 5 belong to George Bush. Seems a bit extreme. So does Pete Geren’s censure of fall-guy General Kensinger. If anyone trusted this government, they might swallow it.

No one does and, therefore, no one does.

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