Seeing Things, Hearing Things, That Only He Can See and Hear

Keith Olbermann nailed it. He is perhaps the only TV commentator with
either the courage, the independence or the vocabulary to point out the
difference between what this president hears and says against the reality of what has been heard and said.

Keith Olbermann nailed it. He is perhaps the only TV commentator with
either the courage, the independence or the vocabulary to point out the
difference between what this president hears and says against the reality of what has been heard and said.

It’s absolutely scary to see our elected president stand up and put words—any words he chooses—in the mouths of Democrats.
Here’s Olbermann

“The president doesn’t just hear what he wants. He hears things that only he can hear.

defies belief that this president and his administration could continue
to find new unexplored political gutters into which they could wallow.
Yet they do.

“It is startling enough that such things could be
said out loud by any president of this nation. Rhetorically, it is
about an inch short of Mr. Bush accusing Democratic leaders, Democrats,
the majority of Americans who disagree with his policies, of treason.

is becoming more apparent with each passing day, those ‘who disagree’
include an ever increasing majority of Americans, along with

  • Most of the military, both active and retired
  • An increasingly vociferous portion of the scientific community
  • Ambassadors and cabinet members from the last four presidencies
  • Nearly the entirety of the international community
  • Nearly all environmentalists
  • Nearly all constitutional scholars
  • A necessarily silent majority within the CIA, FBI and other national security organizations

A national mmajority that now includes almost everyone but Exxon and
Henry Kissinger. Oh yes, Henry is back, haunting the aisles of a
formerly Nixon White House.
Now I have been pulling for this president, hoping he would
do something right. But he damned well refuses to do it, no matter the
provocation or opportunity. Like a recalcitrant mule, standing
defiantly in the traces, neither whip nor carrot elicits a single (even
if halting) step forward.
I look for a scrap of progress, some success on any front in
the past six years. The lone achievement seems to be the lack (so far)
of 2nd attack on American soil. Yet even that is not attributable. We
simply do not know and will not know as all information, both supportive and critical, falls into the secretive black hole of a secretive administration.
Stamp it secret and it literally disappears.
Congress does not know,
nor do the courts, as George Bush and Dick Cheney have surgically
removed the checks and balances of constitutional government—all in the
name of homeland security. It matters not that every hailed and
heralded prosecution by either Ashcroft or successor Gonzales has
turned into a sad comedy of mismanagement, civil rights violations and
false accusation.
Meanwhile, Bush has beggared the nation—soon (and I mean very
soon) the interest on debt will outstrip even the ballooning costs of
medical care in a more and more impoverished America. The military
under Rumsfeld is a shambles, an outsourced, subcontracted shadow of
its former self, unable to respond to even the most shallow
second-threat in an increasingly threatening world.
Partisanship all but disallowes representative government, replaced by a new elitist freedom–winner-take-all and the minority be damned.
Business is doing okay, even fine, even better than fine in certain
sectors. Having shed itself of worker benefits, stripped its balance
sheets of health care and pensions, relieved of all previous
environmental controls and handily profiteering in a non-declared,
non-financed war, it’s advancing in most market indicators.
Returning for a moment to Olbermann

Democrat, sir, has ever said anything approaching the suggestion that
the best means of self-defense is to ‘wait until we’re attacked again.’

critic, no commentator, no reluctant Republican in the Senate has ever
said anything that any responsible person could even have exaggerated
into the slander you spoke in Nevada on Monday night, nor the slander
you spoke in California on Tuesday, nor the slander you spoke in
Arizona on Wednesday . . . nor whatever is next. . . .

tonight the stark question we must face is — why? Why has the ferocity
of your venom against the Democrats now exceeded the ferocity of your
venom against the terrorists? Why have you chosen to go down in history
as the president who made things up?”

The ‘why’
is four weeks away. Bush has a bold and arrogant plan to go where no
president has dared go before. That plan is to stand up at every
opportunity and lie in our faces until November 7th. After that, he will

  • Turn his back on us should Republicans lose control of the Congress
  • Turn his back on us should they win

The most worrisome thing is that we are in for a very bad and very long struggle no matter who
carries the congress in the coming elections. There are no apparent
fixes to the multiple disasters within which we find ourselves. To
paraphrase Winston Churchill, if I remember him correctly,

“We are not at the end. We are not even at the beginning of the end. But we are at the end of the beginning.”

Which will have to suffice.
Comment out there in the media world;

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