I Get Over the Flu and Bush Memorializes 9-11

It took my stomach a couple of days to catch up, finally shake the chills and notice that a trend has been set. In non-election years, Bush merely observes a moment of silence. But when there’s something to be gained or lost at the polls he pulls out all the stops and tries to divide the nation with fear.


Actually, the president spoke two days ago.

It took my stomach a couple of days to catch up, finally shake the chills and notice that a trend has been set. In non-election years, Bush merely observes a moment of silence. But when there’s something to be gained or lost at the polls he pulls out all the stops and tries to divide the nation with fear.

We’ve been falling for it and paying the price.

years ago, this date — September the 11th — was seared into America’s
memory. Nineteen men attacked us with a barbarity unequaled in our
history. They murdered people of all colors, creeds and nationalities,
and made war upon the entire free world.”

Unequaled in our history, unless you look back just a bit. On the
‘barbarity scale,’ the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor took 2,400 lives
to the 2,990 lost in Manhattan. Five battleships and most of the
American fleet and air force, lost at the opening of a real war is
arguably a tougher loss than two office buildings. But it depends upon
point of view as well as the need for rhetoric.

This administration is long on rhetoric and damned short on workable
solutions. Franklin Roosevelt brought his nation to a full and focused
response. George Bush failed to keep even peripheral focus on al Qaeda
and windmilled into an unrelated war that he failed to fund, failed to
prove and failed to win. Al Qaeda did not make war upon the
entire free world, another lie. They initiated a terrorist attack
against two buildings in New York they had targeted before, this time
with stunning success.

It remained for Bush to bully his way into the wider war, the war of no
purpose, the brutally murderous war that saner men told him he could
not win.

this day, we remember the innocent who’ve lost their lives, and we pay
tribute to those who gave their lives so that others might live.”

But only during election years. In 2003 and 2005, when nothing was at stake, a moment of silence sufficed.

the horror of 9/11, we’ve learned a great deal about the enemy. We have
learned that they are evil and kill without mercy, but not without

We have learned that they form a global network of
extremists who are driven by a perverted vision of Islam: a
totalitarian ideology that hates freedom, rejects tolerance and
despises all dissent.”

No, George. They just want Israel and America the hell out of their
part of the world. If you were to suspect that they took offense at
Europe and the West buying the resources under their lands, bribing
their dictators and monarchs with both money and weaponry, you might be
on the scent of another inconvenient truth.

Radical Islam is the outgrowth of failed oil policy. Further, it’s the  love-child of failed cold war policy.

we have learned that their goal is to build a radical Islamic empire
where women are prisoners in their homes, men are beaten for missing
prayer meetings, and terrorists have a safe haven to plan and launch
attacks on America and other civilized nations.”

That’s hate-speech,
George, racist to it’s very core. By that enormous untruth, you drive
from away from any reasoned dialog 1.5 billion perfectly rational and
peace-loving members of the Muslim faith.  Your use of such imagery in
a pre-election rant fumbles the ball (yet again) to the Muslim
terrorist 1/10th of one percent. You seem unable to keep from feeding
the very guys your Iraqi government dares not leave the Green Zone to confront.

“Our nation is being tested in a way that we have not been since the start of the Cold War.”

True enough. And the nation has responded with unending trust to match
your unending failure. You have failed as a leader, as a warrior,
rebuilder, manager and teller of truths. Your overweening success has
been the opposite of what you promised us. "I am a uniter, not a
divider" has become ajoke as you continue to divide a country so
tragically united by 9-11.

  • WTC unconscionably remains an open wound in lower Manhattan
  • New Orleans, a festering sore on the hip of the Gulf Coast
  • Baghdad, a crumbling death-pit for terrorists, American military and civilian Iraqis alike
  • Kabul, falling ever closer to Taliban control yet again

“But the war is not over, and it will not be over until either we or the extremists emerge victorious.
If we do not defeat these enemies now, we will leave our children to
face a Middle East overrun by terrorist states and radical dictators
armed with nuclear weapons. We are in a war that will set the course
for this new century and determine the destiny of millions across the

There is no ‘victory’ in such
engagements, you mutton-head. You did a great disservice to have called
it a war. It’s no more a ‘war’ than the war on poverty, the war on
breast cancer or the war on AIDS.

You have chosen instead
to leave our children to face an economically crippled America, a
nation so burdened by your ignorance as to be uninhabitable by any but
the super-wealthy class you seek to further enrich.

mistakes have been made in Iraq, the worst mistake would be to think
that if we pulled out, the terrorists would leave us alone.”

What a pitiful play for sympathy. I know of absolutely no one who has said anything even remotely close to that. You’re renaming again. Retitling each failed novel. Your support for Head Start became a celebration of No Child Left Behind, renaming an abandoned effort to make it sound less abandoned. Similarly the need to win in Iraq has become the need not to lose. A Nixonian statement if there ever was one.

“The safety of America depends on the outcome of the battle in the streets of Baghdad.”

If you believe that, George Walker Bush, you should be impeached.

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