What’s the Correct Wine with Crow?

Crow’s a bit gamy I’m told and may need a full-bodied zinfandel for balance, although the very fact of the menu proves that something was out of balance, be it an opinion or too much faith in the wrong team. I’m not yet announcing that dinner, but if a guy’s honest with himself, his politics and his readers, it follows that recent events in the middle East and elsewhere may make it necessary to tuck the old napkin under the chin.

Consider recent events:

  • Under the most intimidating of circumstances, eight million voters turned out in Iraq. Since that vote, politics is going on; the negotiating and wheeler-dealing of coalition government along with the inclusion of opposition parties. Amazing.
  • Saudi Arabia has held the initial baby-steps of what will become a nation-wide crack in the door leading to increased democratization. I say will become with confidence that the camel’s head is in the tent.
  • Afghanistan is struggling with government, but Afghanistan has struggled for 4,000 years and at least they are back to struggling ideologically instead of submitting to religious or military despots.
  • With the death of Arafat, Palestine has held elections that show the first real hope of moderate government in their politically wretched history. Almost a third of the elected are women . . . this in an Arab state.
  • Hosni Mubarak, the intransigent dictator of Egypt, is signaling a willingness to allow actual multi-party candidates for the coming elections. This may or may not prove out, but was unthinkable even a month ago . . . another camel’s head in one more Arab tent.
  • Street demonstrations in Lebanon brought down the autocratic government there and Syria’s influence along with it. Certainly this is yet another signal that the need of peace may finally trump hatred in an area of the world famous for its hatreds.

If these collective movements, in an area of the world paralyzed by dictatorships, endless lists of scores-to-be-settled and the power of the few, mean anything in the long run and if the Bush policy proved to be the catalyst, then I’ll be having crow for dinner. And like it. Revel in it, as the world cranks another few degrees in the direction of freedom during my lifetime.

Maybe a merlot . . . or a hearty chianti . . .

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