A Poem for a Change

Follow the Money

If you want to find an answer
to Medicare
or the Internet
Why homeless occupy our streets
the neighbor leaves his grass unmowed
tomatoes have no flavor
universities are out of reach
dogs run loose
terrorists terrorize
and we are all so confused
Then follow the money

I talk with friends in endless
circular conversations
Listening to this or that
on how and where we’ve gone wrong
Intellectualizing, our mental equal
of putting out the dog
But never once have I heard suggested
the closing of computers
and shoving back of educated chairs
to simply follow the money

We choke on the heavy breath of cash
in cities jammed with cars
suburbs slammed with drugs
prisons crammed with kids
and hope for something to be done
Like hounds following the wrong scent
There could be profit in clean air
and drug free youth
with education
Compounding interest, renegotiating
Learning to lead with the money

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